Techniques to use Jeevatu

1. Use of Jeevatu Solution, 5% as prophylactic and 10% as curative spray.

2. Making Jeevatu based Organic  Liquid Manure-1 &2.

3. Treatment of compost by 5% Jeevatu Solution to increase plant nutrient of compost and  control of soil pest problems.

4. Use of Jeevatu to control the off smell of city waste and convert into high quality manure.

Techniques to use Jeevatu directly

a. As prophylactic spray, 50 ml of Jeevatu should be mixed in 950 ml of water and can be used twice a week to manage various pest problems on crops.

b.  As curative spray, 10% solution (9:1:: water : Jeevatu) of Jeevatu can be used daily till the targeted pest controlled.

c. 5% of Jeevatu can be used for composting and controlling the off smell of city waste. Compost prepared by the use of Jeevatu contains more nutrient and nutrient fixing and solubilizing microorganisms (2-4% Nitrogen where as normal compost contains 0.5 % of Nitrogen) thus avails all the plant nutrients for the satisfactory growth and development. Besides it contains Microorganisms for the pest control. Therefore it controls various soil borne pest problems including red ants, white grubs and many plant pathogens.

1. Preparation of Jeevatu based Farm Yard Manure/compost
1. Mix 1 liter  Jeevatu with 19 liters of water.
2. Then spray the solution on compost heap.
3. Turn the compost , spray Jeevatu solution and mix thoroughly.
4. Make a heap and cover it with black silpauline.
5. Turn the compost after one month mixing 5% Jeevatu solution.
6. Three turnings are required to make high quality compost.
                                                Compost preparation in Pyuthan, Nepal
                       Compost preparation at Maranthan, Pyuthan compost preparation 1




Preparation of organic liquid manures

It is advised that Jeevatu  based organic liquid manures should be prepared and used for the management of plant nutrition and plant protection problems on various crops, herbs and medicinal plants. Jeevatu based organic manures will significantly lower down the cost of plant nutrition and plant protection.

Organic Liquid Manure – 1


Compost Based (25 Kg Well Decomposed Compost/FYM + 1 liter of Jeevatu + 25 liter Cattle Urine +25 Liter water) 

 Procedure and methods of application

Step 1:

Choose an open sunny place and make a circular pit measuring 1 feet depth and 2 feet in diameter



Step 2:

Smoothing the pit surface by raw cattle manure to increase the temperature and maintain the uniformity


Step 3:Tying the one end of 500 gauze, 4 feet long 3 feet wide plastic sheet   3
Step 4:Making it airtight   4
Step 5:Putting the tied plastic bag inside the pit   7

Step 6:

Put 25 Kg of cow dung (well decomposed, fine compost) inside the plastic bag

Step 7:

Shake the bottle nicely and pour 1 litre on the well decomposed, fine compost and mix thoroughly

Step 8:Pour 25 litre of cattle urine    a
Step 9:Pour 25 litre of water in the plastic bag   11
Step 10:Mix compost, cattle urine and Jeevatu thoroughly   12
Step 11:Mixing the compost   13
Step 12:Tying the other end of plastic bag   14
Step 13:Organic liquid manure in course of preparation   15
Step 14:Open the bag, stir the mixture thoroughly; twice a week   16
Indicator for Ready to use: Greenish growth and no off smellIn warmer places: It will take 15 daysIn colder places: It will take 30 days   17
 Method of applicationMix organic liquid manure -1 thoroughly, take 1 litre and add  3 litre of water ; drench on root zone twice a week   18
Organic Liquid Manure 1 is used for :Nutrient Deficiency + Disease and Insect Pest which are in the root zone and under the soil. That is used for Drenching Purpose 



Organic Liquid Manure-2
Cattle Urine Based


37.5 liter of Cattle Urine + 37.5 liter of Water + 1 liter of Jeevatu

Step 1.Pour 37.5 liter of cattle urine  1
Step 2:Mix 1 liter of Jeevatu  2
Step 3:Pour 37.5 liter of water and mix thoroughly  3
Step 4:Organic Liquid Manure-2(76 liter)  4
Step 5:Open the bag and stir it twice a week  5

  •  Greenish growth inside the plastic
  •  Absence of off flavour


                                     How to apply this product
Organic Liquid Manure 2 is used in disease and Insect Pest Problems which are above the Ground level.This is used for Spraying Purpose 
A. Prophylactic Spray

  • Take 1 litre of organic liquid manure and add  3 litre of water ; twice a week

B. Curative Spray

  •  1 part of organic liquid manure should be mixed in 1 part of water; spray daily till the pest problems is managed.
  • After the control of pest problem, the spray should be scheduled as prophylactic spray.


 Precautions in using Jeevatu 

Jeevatu does not possess any threat or harmful effect to eco-system. The main precaution in using Jeevatu is avoiding contamination with chemical pesticides or other forms of poison. This is because the microbes in Jeevatu will die if they come in contact with harmful chemicals and cannot show the desired result.

What is Jeevatu?

Jeevatu is a package of beneficial microbes found in natural conditions. This package of beneficial microbes is eco-friendly, sustainable and capable to manage plant nutrition and plant protection problems. Jeevatu is non-poisonous and harmless to eco-system. The key ingredients of Jeevatu are Lactic acid bacteria, Azotobacter,…

Why Jeevatu?

Global top concerns are Climate Change, permanent food/ nutrition security and city waste management. These issues are more relevant to the developing world. The capitals of developing countries are rapidly urbanized and experiencing the population explosion and facing extremes of environmental degradation in…

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