What is Jeevatu?

Jeevatu is a package of beneficial microbes found in natural conditions. This package of beneficial microbes is eco-friendly, sustainable and capable to manage plant nutrition and plant protection problems. Jeevatu is non-poisonous and harmless to eco-system. The key ingredients of Jeevatu are Lactic acid bacteria, Azotobacter, Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria, Potassium Solubilizing Bacteria, Trichoderma, Photo synthetic bacteria…

Why Jeevatu?

Global top concerns are Climate Change, permanent food/ nutrition security and city waste management. These issues are more relevant to the developing world. The capitals of developing countries are rapidly urbanized and experiencing the population explosion and facing extremes of environmental degradation in the form of water and air pollution as well as…

Use of Jeevatu

Jeevatu is used in Agriculture sector and waste management sector

In agriculture sector

1) Direct Use of 5%  Jeevatu Solution as prophylactic (before the occurrence of insect pest & diseases) and 10% as curative spray (after the occurrence of insect pest & diseases).

2) By making Jeevatu Based Organic Liquid Manure-1 & Jeevatu…


Techniques to use Jeevatu

1. Use of Jeevatu Solution, 5% as prophylactic and 10% as curative spray.

2. Making Jeevatu based Organic  Liquid Manure-1 &2.

3. Treatment of compost by 5% Jeevatu Solution to increase plant…

Quality Upgrade

The compost prepared by the use of Jeevatu  will have higher nutrient content, increase availability of fixed nutrients and manages several soil borne pest problems.

Jeevatu Manure- SSD Report


We have successfull achievements of use of Jeevatu based technologies in the following areas.